The art of discreetness and background checks.

Marijuana Girl
Marijuana Girl

Many countries are warming up to the idea of legalising, or at the very least, decriminalising recreational marijuana, yet in most countries, helping yourself to some smoke is still a punishable offence, carrying fines, jail terms, and in some extreme sentences even death penalties.

Due to governments’ strict policies on the plant coupled with rising numbers of users, many employers ask potential and current employees to undergo a background check, uncovering information about education, employment – and criminal records. These checks are used by employers to evaluate a candidate’s mistakes, character and physical ability to work. While one can find out more about background check services and the functions they perform, the issue for pot smokers lies in how not to miss out on career prospects as a result of their recreational activities.

Cannabis is a highly detectable substance that can be traced by urinalysis, hair analysis, as well as saliva tests for days or weeks after consumption. The most frequently implemented test when checking for drug use is a urinalysis, which accounts for more or less 75% of drug tests in the United States.

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There are several methods one may use in order to obscure the emergence of cannabis in the test results. While in the case of heavy users, the body can clear itself of any trace of marijuana in about four to six weeks through proper diet and exercise, this process can be hastened through the use of detoxification products, including herbal supplements. This brings the period down to one week.

In urgent cases, detection during a drug test can be bypassed by ingesting detox products targeted at the bladder and urinary tract, in order to temporarily flush out the relevant toxins. In this way, the cannabis traces are expelled from the urinary tract for an approximate period of six hours, during which the urine sample would test negative for the drug. However, as the kidneys perform their function and clean toxins in the blood coming from other organs, the cannabis traces eventually reappear in the urine.

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Apart from medical tests, background checks commonly involve a review of criminal records. Mere charges will not appear on such a document until the individual has been tried and convicted of a crime. However, those found guilty of drug-related charges will not be able to hide their history from their potential employer. Thus, attention should be turned to discreet smoking behaviour in order to avoid police detection. For instance, joints can be made to resemble roll up cigarettes, and smokers may opt to hold the spliff as if it were a cigarette, thereby not drawing attention. Furthermore, smoking indoors in private residences can reduce the risk of being discovered by authorities, and buying in small quantities may allow smokers to get away with a simple warning, or a lesser charge than if buying in larger quantities, as this can be interpreted as intent to distribute, which normally carries a heftier punishment



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