Benjamin Netanyahu wins Israel election; the world loses hope of peace.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Whenever a tyrant and warmonger wins an election, good people of the world lose. Benjamin Netanyahu defeating Isaac Herzog means that the hope for peace has been defeated.

It is no longer a matter of if, just another of when the Middle East will be in another war. The sad thing is the next war could have far reaching consequences that no one is prepared for. If Netanyahu attacks Iran, will the United States be compelled to assist Israel? And if America does assist Israel, what will Russia do especially when we take into consideration Vladimir Putin’s behavior lately. Will he just sit idly by and watch from the sidelines?

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The fact that the Israelis would vote for a man who came to the United States and disrespected her president while beating his drums of war, show that a majority of Israelis are also supporting a war with Iran.

Why do some find it hard to believe that Obama has the intelligence to deter Iran from her nuclear ambitions without major bloodshed? Didn’t he prove that he has the expertise to overcome obstacles when he saved the United Sates from a complete economic collapse? Didn’t he work his magic to save General Motors, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? So why not give him a chance to achieve peace while at the same time ensuring that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.

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Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be as blood thirsty as Ariel Sharon was. The world does not need men like these in leadership positions in times like these. Netanyahu is the part of the problem, Barack Obama is the solution. Israelis railed when Palestinians voted for Hamas, yet they themselves vote for a proven warmonger.

Let’s hope that despite this major setback, president Obama can continue on his successful path of maintain world order and peace. LOVE is Lovely… War is ugly.



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