‘Best Marijuana’ Competition to be held at D.C. state fair.

Best Bud Competition
Best Bud Competition

The State Fair is a great American pastime, and what’s more American than bragging about how dank your marijuana is?

The Washington D.C. State Fair, which describes itself as a “culinary, artistic and agricultural showcase of the District,” will be holding a Best Bud competition this year, a grueling trial that will recognize the most impressive marijuana flower grown in D.C.

Although the consumption, cultivation and possession of marijuana is illegal under Federal law in the United States, a growing number of states have legalized the plant at varying degrees. In D.C., marijuana became legal in February, allowing residents to grow up to six plants and home (although only three can be mature) and posses up to 2-ounces of flower.

The fair happens on Saturday, September 12, and will judge the weed in four different categories:

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1. Appearance: Is it well manicured? Does it have Trichomes (sparkling crystals)?

2. Odor: What does it smell like? Does it have a sweet, spicy, or murky smell?

3. Touch: Is it sticky? Does the stem snap or bend?

4. Your Story: Did you grow your plant organically? Did you use artificial light, natural light, or a combination? Was the plant grown hydroponically or in soil? All of this information and anything else you would like the judges to know should be included in the Your Story category below in the registration from.

Judges will not consume or sample the flower, so the type and quality of high delivered does not matter. Anna Tauzin, a board member and outreach director for the fair told the Washing Post that this is because the consumption of marijuana in a public is still illegal in D.C.

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Additionally, the small bud (1-2 grams) must be grown in the District from seed — not from a clone plant, and must be submitted in a quarter, half or full pint mason jar. This is a state fair, after all.

The fair did not specify if there would be separate categories for the subtypes of marijuana: indica, sativa or a hybrid, and representatives were not immediately available to answer Mashable’s request for additional information. However, the competition is only allowing 50 contestants, so it appears this will be a straight free-for-all.

Submissions must be dropped off on September 12 between 2 and 3 p.m. because the judging starts at 4:20 p.m., of course.



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