Bill O’Reilly the wife beater.

Bill O'Reilly the wife beater
Bill O'Reilly the wife beater

Bill O’Reilly, one of the losers on Fox News aka FoKKKs news, has proven why he belongs in the grand wizard Rupert Murdock’s organization. It turns out that Bill O’Reilly gets a hard on from beating up on women in front of children.

Bill O’Reilly assaulted his now ex-wife by dragging her by the neck down a staircase in front of their young daughter. The assault happened at the couple’s Manhasset, L.I., mansion before O’Reilly and Maureen McPhilmy separated in 2010.

Ten year old pregnant after being raped by step-father

The disturbing charges came out during a child custody battle in Nassau County Supreme Court that ended last month with a judge reportedly granting McPhilmy sole custody of their two children.

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This hypocritical behavior from the self-proclaimed do good Bill O’Reilly should be expected. Years ago, pornstar Jenna Jameson revealed that Bill O’Reilly the pervert was hitting on her after an episode of his show on which she was a guest. This happened even after Bill O’Relly was chastising her for being in porn during the show.

Of course the lying waste man, Bill O’Reilly, would deny the allegations. He made the following statement on his FoKKKs show:

“All allegations against me in these circumstances are 100% false. I am going to respect the court-mandated confidentiality put in place to protect my children and will not comment any further.”

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However, the couple’s daughter, Madeline, who is now 16, told a forensic examiner within the past year about the vicious fight her parents allegedly had when she was just 9 years old.

The daughter said she covertly watched as her father dragged her mother down the stairs of their home by her neck, the forensic examiner testified in the Nassau County Supreme Court child-custody case.

It is better to believe the little girl than a lying hypocritical bigot like Bill O’Reilly.



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