Biracial Couple Stabbed By Supporter Of Donald Trump.

Daniel and Donald AKA Dan and Don
Daniel and Donald AKA Dan and Don

A supporter of Donald Trump stabbed an interracial couple in Washington state in an unprovoked attack being investigated as a hate crime.

Daniel Rowe, 32, allegedly shouted a racial slur and lashed out at the couple as they were kissing in a busy downtown street of the state capital of Olympia. The knife grazed the white woman and went into the black man’s hip.

“The suspect is unknown to the victims and the attack appears to have been unprovoked,” Olympia police said in the statement.

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Laura Wohl, an Olympia police spokeswoman, said the motive for the Tuesday night attack “seems to be purely racial”.

The 47-year-old male victim was able to chase and trip up Rowe, who was knocked unconscious as he fell and hit his head.

Police said Rowe described himself as a “white supremacist” as he was being put into the police car.

“He begins talking about Donald Trump rallies and attacking people at the Black Lives Matter protest,” Lt. Paul Lower, a police department spokesman, said.

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According to court documents, Rowe had tattoos that read “skinhead”, “white power” and “hooligan”. One tattoo showed the Confederate flag.



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