Bobbi Kristina Brown will remain on life support.

Bobby Brown and his family are not giving up hope on Bobbi Kristina Brown. Although there have been rumors swirling around that she would be removed from the ventilator, Bobby Brown’s attorney has denied such claim.

The family continues to hope and pray that the daughter of Whitney Houston will mare a recovery. Reports by TMZ that Bobbi Kristina’s organs were failing are also being denied by the family.

While the family continues to hold out hope for Bobbi Kristina’s recovery, Dr. Julian Bragg, a neurologist at Midtown Neurology in Atlanta, who is not one of Bobbi Kristina’s doctors, tells 18 Karat Reggae that patients in her condition may have significant brain damage.

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“Normally patients like this have significant injury to the brain stem, which controls very basic functions such as breathing,” Dr. Bragg says.

He added that if the brain stem is still functional, it is possible for the patient to “live indefinitely off the ventilator as long as continued nutrition is supplied.”
However, he says there’s also the possibility of a dangerous loss of muscle strength.

“After spending more than two weeks in a medically induced coma, or for any cause, the body goes through a number of changes,” Dr. Bragg says. “There is a significant decrease in muscle strength both in terms of moving the limbs and in terms of breathing. Often people require extensive strengthening not only in being able to sit, stand and move around, but even simpler things like swallowing and breathing.”

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Like the family and friends, fans of Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Bobby Kristina are all hoping and praying that the young lady will make a full recovery.



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  1. so very heart broken for this young child of God it’s like I know her and I’ve never met her my God my heart hurts for her every day I feel so sad for you I wish there was something I could do for but I shall keep you close to my heart and in prayer with love darling child please fight for your life ! much love M.J CLARK WILLIAMS

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