California Marijuana is unsafe, weed lovers should try for Jamaican ganja.

Jamaican Marijuana
Jamaican Marijuana

Bob Marley said “herb is the healing of the nation” referring to marijuana or Jamaican ganja and he is correct. Not all marijuana is created and curated equally, however. It should be in the interest of marijuana smokers to try and get weed that was grown in tropical climates like Jamaica or they maybe hurting their bodies rather than healing it.

California researchers who tested marijuana sold in California found multiple bacterial and fungal pathogens that can cause serious infections.

The mold and bacteria was so widespread and potentially dangerous that the UC Davis academics concluded that they cannot recommend smoking raw or dried weed. “We cannot recommend inhaling it,” says George Thompson III, an associate professor of clinical medicine at the university who helped conduct the cannabis research.

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The findings might also apply to indoor, hydroponic marijuana popular at Southern California collectives, according to Thompson. Using pot in baked goods such as brownies might be “theoretically” safer because the products could be heated enough to kill bacteria and fungus, he says.

Researchers sampled weed samples from California dispensaries and found they tested positive for the fungi Cryptococcus, Mucor and Aspergillus, and for the bacteria E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Acinetobacter baumannii. The academics said these can lead to serious and lethal illness, noting that smoking the mold and bacteria can embed them directly where they can do the most damage — the lungs.

“Infection with the pathogens we found in medical marijuana could lead to serious illness and even death,” Joseph Tuscano, a professor of internal medicine at UC Davis, said in a statement. “Inhaling marijuana in any form provides a direct portal of entry deep into the lungs, where infection can easily take hold.”

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With these recent findings the Jamaican Government needs to move fast so that as more states legalize the use of marijuana, Jamaica will be in a position to supply the increasing demand. Jamaican marijuana does not pose the health risks associated with marijuana grown in the United States since the island is far less polluted.



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