Cop kills wife over Marijuana.

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Tom Fallis was indicted on murder charges for the 2012 shooting of his wife, Ashley. The father of three was picked up in Indiana, where he had moved after she died.

A Colorado grand jury has indicted Tom Fallis, a former sheriff’s deputy, in the mysterious shooting death of his wife that occurred nearly three years ago.

Fallis, 34, was taken into custody Tuesday at his home in Bloomington, Ind., where he moved after his wife, Ashley, died from a gunshot to the head.

The victims’ family has long claimed that Ashley, 28, was killed by her husband, who used his law enforcement contacts to cover up the slaying, they said.

The young mother’s death was originally ruled a suicide.

“This is the best news ever!!” read a post at the top of the Ashley Fallis Memorial Foundation Facebook page Tuesday. The group has raised funds for legal costs and burial bills associated with Ashley’s killing.

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The couple were arguing when Ashley was shot in the back of the head, authorities said. Tom Fallis called 911 and said his wife had shot herself.

Earlier, during a New Year’s Eve party at their home, Tom had become enraged when he discovered someone had brought marijuana to the house and accused Ashley of smoking it.

“He was irate and explosive,” said Ashley’s mother, Jenna Fox, according to FOX31-TV in Denver. “He was abusive with his words and he was telling us he hated us, and `F-everybody’ and then he went into the (master bedroom) and slammed the door.”

The guests went home.

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The case was reopened after new evidence showed that witness statements given to Evans Police Detective Michael Yates never made it into the murder file.

The statements came from neighborhood residents. One woman said she heard Ashley screaming “Get off me!” before a gunshot sounded. Another said he heard Tom confess to his parents that he had killed his wife, the station reported.

Earlier this year, prosecutors said they didn’t think they could get a conviction against Yates and closed their investigation of him.

Fallis is being held without bail pending extradition to Colorado, according to the station.

His three children will be cared for by their maternal grandparents.



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