Did teenager kill his family before being killed by police?

A teenager who ignored a traffic in Maryland was shot and killed as he got cornered after hitting another vehicle. According to the Maryland police, the teenager shoot at the cops as they approach his vehicle, shots were returned and the teenager was killed.

During their investigation, police found that the 16 year old, identified as Jason C. Hendrix was from Corbin, Kentucky. Upon visiting the address in Corbin, police found three dead bodies. The bodies have been identified as the mother, father and sister of the 16 year old, Jason Hendrix.

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Did Jason Hendrix kill his mother, father and sister?

That is the question police investigators are trying to answer now. The Corbin Police Department declined to comment when reached by 18 Karat Reggae early Monday, saying it only had limited information.

Police are looking at Jason Hendrix as the main suspect in the deaths of his parents and sister, according to the local Corbin paper, citing a Corbin city police detective.

All three victims died of apparent gunshot wounds, Corbin police spokesman Maj. Rob Jones told the paper.



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