Donald Trump’s supporters are sending bombs to Black homes in Texas.

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Donald Trump has unleashed his army of bigots to rage terror on Blacks and other minorities in Austin, Texas. These bigots are utilizing tactics you would expect from ISIS and Al Qaeda. In less than a month span, these bigots have sent 3 packages containing bombs to Black homes killing two people and injuring two.

The latest package bomb was sent on Monday and killed a teenager as well as injuring a woman.

While both the FBI and Austin police are trying to downplay these terror attacks, it is not a secret that Donald Trump has emboldened his loser followers to launch attacks on minorities at will.

“We cannot rule out that hate crime is at the core of this but we are not saying that that is the cause,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told a news conference.

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Black families should be careful before opening any packages that they were not expecting or do not know the sender.
Monday’s blasts were in homes about 4 miles apart in east Austin, while the March 2 blast occurred at a house in the city’s northeast Harris Ridge neighborhood.

The March 2 blast, which killed a 39-year-old man, was initially investigated as a suspicious death but is now being treated as a homicide.

The Austin police are saying that there is no indication that the bomb is linked to terrorism but of course it never is when supporters of Donald Trump strike, it will be labeled as mental illness or something along those lines.

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In the deadly blast on Monday, the 17-year-old resident found a package in front of his house in the morning and brought it into the kitchen, where it exploded, Manley said. The woman, in her 40s, was taken to an area hospital with injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening.

“We are looking at these incidents as being related,” Manley said, adding that federal investigators have joined the case.



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