Father’s Day: Why are fathers so Unappreciated?

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day

Dad doesn’t always get what he wants on Father’s Day. Especially when compared to Mom on Mother’s Day.

But then again, Dad usually doesn’t want much.

A recent survey of 300 men and women commissioned by Visiting Angels, an organization that cares for seniors in their homes, found that fathers often takes a back seat to mothers when it comes to receiving special attention on their celebratory day.

About half, 52 percent, of those responding to the survey said they sometimes feel they take their dads for granted. The survey attributes this to three factors:

Families expect a lot from dad such as being the caretaker and bread-winner. Dads aren’t as vocal about their needs and accomplishments. Mom seems to get all the attention.

Nearly half of those surveyed, 44 percent, said moms get more attention on Mother’s Day than dad does on Father’s Day. But dads don’t expect as much on Father’s Day and it can be hard to find a gift they really want. In fact, the survey said, the gift most dads want above all else is quality time with family.

Dads feeling unappreciated on Father’s Day could be a result of being taught at a younger age to take care of the family while not expecting a lot in return.

“Sometimes young men are taught not to expect a lot for the work that they do,” said Richard. “It takes a more mature eye to identify the appreciation. It doesn’t have to be a gift.”

By the way, only 10 percent of dads say they want a tie for Father’s Day, the survey found. And only 13 percent want one of those “world’s greatest dad” gifts.



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