Florida man kills stepson over hotdog.

man kills stepson over hotdog
man kills stepson over hotdog

A Florida man is facing a murder charge after cops say he killed his adult stepson over a hot dog.

Specifically, it was an argument over a chili dog that authorities say became the last straw in a feud between 68-year-old Danny Holder and his stepson Randall Lowen, 58, at a home in Port Orange.

According to police, the two men argued about a chili dog on Sunday before Holder’s wife Jackie Holder says her husband threatened to shoot her son.

Jackie then “took a firearm and hid it in the dresser so Danny could not find it,” according to the charging affidavit.

The following morning, however, the bad blood boiled up again after Jackie Holder says the men got into another heated exchanged over something trivial.

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The wife told cops that her son asked Holder the time, to which he replied, “You have on a clock on the night stand, check for yourself.”

As she went to confront the men about their bickering, Mrs. Holder told police her husband pulled out a gun. The terrified wife and mother told her son to run before she heard two shots, according to the affidavit.

Jackie Holder’s granddaughter, Lowen’s daughter Chantel James, told police she was on the phone when she believes she heard the shots ring out before Jackie Holder then screamed for her to call 911.

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James also told investigators that both Mr. Holder and his stepson drank and argued regularly, according to the affidavit.

In what the affidavit calls a spontaneous statement, police say Mr. Holder called the argument “the final straw” after they arrived to the home.

In a statement, James said she will miss her father “very deeply.”

“Regardless of any circumstances surrounding my father, he was very good hearted. No matter what he was going through, he made sure to help anyone who needed it even though he didn’t have much himself,” she said in the statement.



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