Haitian Immigrants have AIDS and Nigerians should back to their huts in Africa, Donald Trump says.

Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler
Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump, the modern day Adolph Hitler is not even trying to hide his bigotry and extreme racism.

More than one senior white house official has revealed to the New York Times that in immigration meeting back in June, Trump went on one of his rants where he cursed Haitian immigrants and said they “all have AIDS”.

Trump then went after Nigerian immigrants saying that once they come to the United States “they would never return to their huts in Africa.”

If is not known if Omarosa Manigault was present during Trump’s racist want but after her resignation she revealed that she witness countless time were Black people were disrespected in the white house.

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It is no secret that Donald Trump and most of his appointees are bigots so no one is surprise that the White House has become the equivalent of a KKK rally.

Trump’s statements are further proof that Black people must unite under one racial hierarchy in order to survive what Donald Trump has in store for people of African descent. Unless Black people embrace the teachings of Marcus Garvey, they will die.

If Black people follow the teaching of Marcus Garvey, then Trump and his posse of bigots will be a blessing in disguise for Black people. The following are two must read articles:

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Shaggy is glad that Donald Trump is the president of the United States.

Donald Trump’s presidency is the best thing for Blacks.



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