Did Hillary Clinton have sexual affair with Donald Trump in the 90s?

Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton,Bill Clinton
Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton,Bill Clinton

Donald J. Trump suggested during a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday that Hillary Clinton was not “loyal” to her husband, former President Bill Clinton, an insinuation about their relationship that plunged the 2016 presidential race further into a personal battle.

Mr. Trump told the crowd in Lancaster County, about 70 miles west of Philadelphia, that Mrs. Clinton’s only loyalty was to her donors and herself. He added: “I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, you want to know the truth. And really, folks, really, why should she be, right?”

Donald Trump knows something that the entire rest of America would not know. Rumors are running rampant that Donald is the man who Hillary cheated with. It is believed that after the Monika Lewinsky scandal with her husband Bill, Hillary seek comfort wherever it could be found and Donald welcomed her with open arms.

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It was actually Donald who got his secretary to reach out to Hillary after Bill’s infidelities were made public.

A friend of both Hillary and Donald said after what was supposed to be friendly dinners to take Hillary’s mind off Bill’s cheating, would often end in the two going back to one of Trump’s high rise apartments.

According to the friend, Hillary told her that Donald was just as good in the bedroom as he was in the boardroom.

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“They had a couple night of passionate lovemaking,” the friend said.

Now that Trump has let the cat out of the bag that Hillary also cheated on bill, it will be interested to see if he let the American public know that he was the one she cheated with.



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