Jamaica lost an angel; should family infighting be blamed?

Oldest person in the world
Oldest person in the world

Violet Moss Brown, the world’s oldest living person before her death lived all her life among family and friends in her community in Trelawny, Jamaica but died alone at a medical facility.

Now some family members claim that it was the move to the medical facility that caused the death of Aunt V as she is affectionately called.

Considering that Aunt V was 117 years old there can be no doubt that the primary cause of her death was old age.  She had achieved what 99.99% of the world will never achieve as it relates to time on the earth and every day she woke up was just icing on the cake.  Still it is difficult to ignore that the drastic change in living conditions for someone of her age could put her in a very stressful situation.  Whenever you are taken out of your comfort zone, both the mind and body goes through considerable stress.  At her age, Aunt V was most likely not in any condition to handle that level of stress.

So it is difficult to fathom who would make such a decision to move Aunt V from her home to a medical facility at her age, especially when family members are claiming that it was against her will.

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“There was nothing much wrong with her. She was a little dehydrated and a doctor who came to see her said all she needed was a little potassium. So there was no good reason why they had to take her to any medical facility last Saturday,” Moss Brown’s granddaughter, Lelieth Palmer told 18 Karat Reggae.

“She did not want to go; but later she begged them not to take her unless they were going to take her back home. They didn’t take her back, and so they took her away from her loved ones and family members and that contributed significantly to her death,” Palmer continued.

Vernon Davis, another of Aunt V’s grandchildren, echoed similar sentiments.

“If they didn’t take her from her house she would be still alive today,” Moss Brown’s teary-eyed grandson said yesterday.

“They took her away from her comfort zone; took away her freedom; took away her dignity, and take her to a strange place where she had no family and friends, and didn’t even tell some of us where she was.”

The residents of Aunt V’s community agreed with the family members who say that it was the move to the medical facility that killed the beloved super centenarian.

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Among them was Aunt V’s close friend Joy Laesch.

“It’s so unbelievable to know this is how she left us… lonely and sad; none of her loved ones around, even though she kept asking for them… so undeserving,” said Laesch, who said she had known Moss Brown for almost five years, and has been writing stories about her.

Councilor Dunstan Harper (JLP, Sherwood Content Division), in paying tribute to Moss Brown, described her as “a phenomenal woman who could reason with persons and had a wealth of knowledge about persons in the community”.

“Jamaica has lost an angel… she was kind, caring, compassionate, and loving,” said the politician, who had known Moss Brown for more than 50 years.

Others described “Aunt V” as a peacemaker, musician, and a person who loved everybody and wanted everybody to love each other.

“She was everything that love defines,” Palmer stressed.






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