Jamaica needs a People’s Revolution.

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Jamaica Velvet Revolution
Jamaica Velvet Revolution

Warning: Read the document in full before passing consequential judgement.


A Velvet revolution is a term used to denote a non-violent transition of political authority orchestrated by the people. The term emerged from the 1989 Czechoslovakian Revolution which saw the peaceful ousting of the 41-year one-party communist rule. This conflict-free approach to revolutionary transformation is ideal for addressing the problems traditionally associated with Jamaican politics. A Velvet Revolution offers the people the ability to reform the system while empowering them to dictate their own political destiny in a democracy which has robbed them of anything beyond two corrupt and recycled options for political leadership (PNJLP).

Velvet Revolutions are usually pursued by populations who experience problems that elections do not or simply cannot solve. From long-term inadequacies in the system to immediate crises, Velvet Revolutions give people an assured option to implement change instead on depending on the system to recognize their needs.

A People’s/ Velvet Revolution tend to be the only pragmatic solution to certain problems concerning problems with government.

Factors such as:
1) Dictatorship
2) Collusion to Maintain Power
3) Failed State
4) Client Regime/ Puppet Regime/ IMF Proxy Government


1) Public Awareness and Consensus

(i) At this stage, the people communicate their problems and concerns with government in an effort to form a consensus and a general agreement among the entire population on what issues needs addressing.
(ii) The media have a duty to reflect the concerns of the people while informing and alerting the people on important issues of political change. Therefore TV shows such as “Your Issues Live” which give the people a direct medium to communicate their problems to the other citizens and the political leadership.

(iii) The general concerns of the people are :
• Crime Management
• IMF Intervention
• Customs Policies
• Long term Development
• Lack of Modern Infrastructure
• 20th Century transportation system
• Weak Passports and Visa Restrictions
• Failure to Industrialize 18 years within the 21st century
• Stagnant Standard of Living
• Entrenched Corruption
• Foreign Control over Jamaica (Britain, U.S., China)
• Queen of England is still Jamaica’s highest political Representative (Head of State)
(iv) Revolutionaries, activists, politicians and advocates have a responsibility to spread only factual information (along with their personal opinions) in order to encourage awareness among the people.

2) Demand Reasonable Improvement

• After establishing a consensus on the common problems we find unacceptable, at this stage the people or their representatives (politicians, activists, revolutionaries, public figures etc.) must outline the reasonable demands of the people and give government a chance to fulfil its duty to the people.
• What Would Constitute Reasonable demand of the people?

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3) Election or Revolution

• If government cannot or will not deliver on the reasonable demands of the people, then the people must explore their options and resort to either election or revolution to replace an inadequate government.
• If elections fails to deliver change, which it usually does, then revolution is the solution.
• If the people conclude that they have NO CONFIDENCE in government then the predictable course of action is to change the government.
• If elections fail to free us from the two party illusion of progress since less than 50% of electorates lost confidence in voting, we must pursue revolution in order to widen Jamaica’s political options from the same old party politicians with the same old tricks.

4) People’s Revolution (Velvet Revolution)

• At this stage the people would have developed a consensus and therefore they are now required to organize, strategize and execute a People’s Revolution. Our politicians need to fear and respect the people and a People’s Revolution accomplishes that and more.
• Organize community and public gatherings formulate a structured approach to demanding the abdication of the undesired government.
• The revolution must be a popular uprising involving a majority of the people who endorse it or involve themselves in it. At this point, it is almost safe to say that a majority of Jamaican would endorse a revolution since they have abandoned voting as inconsequential.

5) Loyalty to the Revolution

• If the Revolution is a genuine people’s uprising and not encouraged by foreign subversion, misinformation or propaganda then the wider society must show absolute loyalty to the Revolution.
• People are required to abandon loyalty and obedience to all authority figures whose orders contradict the Revolution’s values.
• Politicians, Civil Servants, the Police and the Army must maintain loyalty to the will of the people and if the will of the people is Revolution then the authority of the politicians and military commanders who stand against the Revolution must be ignored and rendered neutralized. These people are individuals who have a democratic right to declare a NO CONFIDENCE in government and therefore they can abandon government authority.
• The armed forces have a duty to protect, support and never oppose the people in the course of their revolutionary endeavors.
• Once the army declares a NO CONFIDENCE in government then a change of administration is inevitable because the guardians of the nation no longer support a particular regime.
• Foreign powers (particularly U.S., China, Britain), Multinational Organizations such as the IMF& World Bank etc.and Covert Interests such as the CIA, MI6, Mossad, Chinese Intelligence or Freemasonry must refrain from intervening to oppose or negatively manipulate the Revolution.

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5) March on the Capital (Kingston)

The people from across Jamaica must make an effort to unite, organize, strategize and assist each other in any way to march on Kingston in overwhelming numbers to execute the Revolutionary will of the people.
The people must:

1) Cease government buildings (with military compliance)
2) Cease media apparatus (to officially inform the nation of the will of the people and to prevent slandering of the Revolution)
3) Ceasing control of the Military if the Military fails to recognize the will of the people and resort to staying loyal to the old system.
4) Take control of the compulsory aspects of government and manage it accordingly. Healthcare, foreign relations, emergency services and utilities.
5) The over-run of relevant government and military buildings must be achieved in order to declare the official ousting of the undesired government in favour of a new revolutionary government to be immediately assembled.

6) Assembling the New Revolutionary Government

(i) A Revolutionary government is usually made up of people who risked their lives and livelihoods to oppose the old government and therefore Revolutionary governments tend to be made up of people with genuine intentions, capability, loyalty to the people and a an incorruptible sense of patriotism.
(ii) A Revolutionary Government is usually made up of:
• People with good community based reputations.
• Revolutionaries who actively sought change.
• Professionals, Protégés, specialists and people of capability (backed by integrity).
• Individuals having the approval of the people.
• Defectors and former regime sympathizers who switched sides to support the Revolution out of genuine care and before the Revolution developed to a certain point.

7) Probationary Period: If I, Toraino Beckford, am brought to the position of Head of State of Jamaica through Revolutionary means then I require the minimum of 12 months to deliver change to the many problems affecting the people (outlined above).



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