Jamaican shoplifting ring busted at Walmart.

Five Jamaicans who were in the United States on the work and travel program were busted as part of a shoplifting ring at a Walmart in Walton County, Florida.

While Usain Bolt and other Jamaican athletes were in Beijing making the country proud, these five were damaging a country’s reputation that had already been blemished by the lotto scamming scandal.

Deputies responded to the Walmart located in Santa Rosa Beach just before midnight Tuesday regarding a group of store employees stealing merchandise.

According to Walton County Sheriff’s Deputies, the five Walmart employees — Gillisa Hyde, 25; Rashid Cargill, 21; Maurice Notice, 21; Nashana Murrray, 23; and Jennea Edwards, 19 — made an organised attempt to steal items from the store.

It was also reported that the crimes involving the five occurred on several occasions between August 11 and 22.

One of the suspects reportedly admitted in her statement that it was “an associate thing” and that they were “looking out for one another”.

The scam reportedly went as follows:

One employee would bring items to the register where their friend was working and scan items and then delete the items from the transaction.

Also, at times they would make the motion like items were being scanned without actually scanning them. The items would be placed in bags and the employee would leave the store with the unpaid items.

While this should not affect Jamaica’s overall work and travel program, it does further damage the country’s reputation.



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