Jennifer Lopez stands with Hillary Clinton.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez held a free concert in Miami’s Bayfront Park in support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Under a downpour of rain, Lopez performed her way through her greatest hits, energizing the crowd with “Get Right,” “Waiting For Tonight,” and “Let’s Get Loud.” The screen behind Lopez displayed excerpts from speeches delivered by John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton, all of which focused on women’s rights and the Latin American community.

As the night drew to a close, Lopez took a moment to endorse Clinton, telling the crowd, “we have to take the right road to the future, and we have the perfect person to take us there.”

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She then welcomed Clinton to the stage to address the crowd. Before giving her brief speech, she hugged Lopez and thanked her for the support. She went on to motivate the crowd to go out and vote on November 8, and called out Donald Trump for “stoking fear.”

Lopez is not the only musician who has publicly shown their support for Clinton, as Jay Z recently announced that we would also host a pre-election concert for the Democratic presidential candidate in Ohio, one of the most critical swing states.



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