Many Black Jamaican couples are having babies that look mixed with Asian.

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Black couple with Chinese looking baby
Black couple with Chinese looking baby

There is a phenomenon that is sweeping across Jamaica. More and more we are seeing couples having babies where both the mother and father are Black but the baby comes out looking not only light skin but also features that look like they are mixed with Asian.

It does not necessarily mean that the women cheated on her husband or boyfriend.

Babies color and other physical features are due to the genes inherited not only from their parents but also from parents of parents going many generations back. So a Black man or woman could be carrying a Asian gene that they themselves do not physically show it but it can be passed on to their baby.

Both parents may be Black but if there is an Asian blood relative even distant or even existing multiple generations before, the baby can have Asian features.

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Of course there is also the possibility that some of these Jamaican woman are being impregnated by Chinese men and giving what is known as “jacket” in Jamaica to their husbands or boyfriend.

With the huge influx of Chinese investments in Jamaica also came a lot of Chinese nationals. When China invests in a country, they like to put their own people to work rather than creating jobs for the locals.

Many Chinese women who went to Jamaica to work were ending up in relationships with the Jamaican men, a trend that the locals called “trading in the chopstick for the big bamboo.”

This did not sit well with man Chinese nationals and there were talk of them creating their own trend called “trading in the big bamboo for the big bank book,” where they would try to use their money to lure away the Jamaican women from their men.

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Whether this is playing a part in what we are currently seeing with Black couples having babies that look mixed with Chinese, no one knows for sure but it is a possibility.

If it is the Chinese workers who are impregnating these Jamaican women, then it is fair to say that the big bank book is winning against the big bamboo so far.



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