Marijuana is 100 times safer than Alcohol.

Weed buds
Weed buds

Almost all drugs are more dangerous than marijuana, including those that are legal, like alcohol and nicotine. In fact, drinking alcohol, one of the deadliest legal drugs in the world is about 100 times more dangerous than marijuana. These are not just numbers and stats being thrown out by proponents and supporters of marijuana, these are actual scientific facts.

Scientists from Germany and Canada conducted the study, which was based on data from animal studies and published Jan. 30 in the journal Scientific Reports.

This new study not only proves has been widely known but it backs up previous studies that concluded that marijuana was a safe drug. Lawmakers have absolutely no justifications as to why marijuana is illegal while alcohol and cigarettes are legal. While various municipalities have made move to decriminalize and legalize the herb, it remains astonishing why herb is not legalized at a federal level in every country.

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The low risk and high benefits that marijuana has on people’s health suggest that smoking the herb should not be a crime; the real crime is not legalizing it.

In the study, the researchers calculated the health risk of each drug by looking at a measure called the “margin of exposure” (MOE), which is a ratio that compares the approximate amount of a drug needed to kill a person to the amount that people usually take. In essence, the MOE rates the likelihood that someone could take a lethal overdose of a drug: When the ratio is low, the drug is deadlier.

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But tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in marijuana, had an MOE higher than 100, meaning the chances of a lethal overdose are very slim, the researchers said. Alcohol, heroin, cocaine and nicotine are considered high-risk drugs because their MOEs are less than 10, the researchers found.



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