Marijuana smoking Jamaican is world’s oldest person at 128 years old

Marijuana Smoking Jamaican
Marijuana Smoking Jamaican

Overall, Jonathan Allen is a lively Jamaican man. He walks without a stick, has no known health problems, smokes six marijuana joints a day, and is still a childless bachelor, according to reports. Oh, and he is 128 years old, the world’s oldest living person.

Jonathan Allen is currently living at a home for poor or elderly people that many Jamaicans refer to as “The Poor House.”
Home staffers say that Jonathan Allen, one of their most lucid residents has documents suggesting that his birth date was July 7, 1888.

Photos of Jonathan Allen’s documentation and details of his story were published in the Jamaican Sunday Gleaner. The son of freed Jamaican slaves, Allen may have been born on a previous slave plantation that he still vividly remembers. He was one of six children living in a community of former slaves with no beds, according to staff at the Home for poor and elderly. His life’s work was manual labor on a coffee plantation in the Swift river section in the parish of Portland.

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However, to this day he still sings, tells jokes and has a reputation for being as stubborn as a mule.

“He’s one of our most with-it residents,” May Silver, a psychologist at the elderly home, told 18 Karat Reggae. “He doesn’t have high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure. The only medicine he takes is vitamins and a tablet to give him an appetite, which you can lose with old age.”

“He doesn’t like to take a bath every day and it’s sometimes impossible to get him to the shower. When he puts his foot down, that is it. No one can get him in there,” she added.



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