Montego Bay, Jamaica flooding with blood.

Killings in Montego Bay
Killings in Montego Bay

The streets of Montego Bay are literally washing in blood and there seems to be no end to the wave of violence that covers the city. The outskirts fair no better with whole communities under siege by lawless youths.

What then is the cause of this epidemic, and how can we bring about a solution?

The answer lies not within the police force for they seem not to either have the will or the means to tackle the violence. With the pending resignation of the commissioner and the transformation of the force, all crime fighting strategies seem to be on hold.
The police in part lay the blame squarely at the feet of the Independent commission of investigation (INDECOM), moral in the security forces are at an all-time low and they often complain about the lack of basic necessities to carry out their day to day duties. Coupled by low wages, police are seemingly interested in maintaining their jobs without putting themselves at risk of being dragged before the courts for violation of the rights of citizens. This leaves criminals with a free reign to rake havoc on the citizens.

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Montegonians are been slaughtered on a daily basis with little or no hope of catching the culprits, even when witnesses are a plenty the police seem unable to get any info yet it’s available and those who seek to know have no interest in solving the case. Many lawmen are also turning a blind eye to the crimes in return for filthy lucrative. Montegonians will have to rise up and declare enough is enough; until we do we remain a prey to the predators.



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