Muslim Woman set on fire by supporter of Donald Trump.

Muslim Women
Muslim Women

Donald Trump’s deplorable supporters refuse to take a break from their spewing of vile hatred accompanied with violence. In the latest incident, a Muslim woman was set on fire by a supporter of Donald Trump.

The woman was dressed in traditional Muslim clothing and standing in Midtown Manhattan when she was attacked and set on fire. The woman’s blouse caught fire but luckily she was able to put it out herself and escaped the attack unarmed. Normally this kind of barbaric behavior is expected in the south but it goes to show that the hated being spewed by Donald Trump knows no border.

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The NYPD Hate Crime task force is currently investigating the crime. Hate crimes have risen dramatically in the United States since Donald Trump started spewing his hateful rhetoric over a year ago.

Saturday’s incident comes a month after an Imam and his assistant were fatally shot outside their mosque in Queens in August.

Just last week, two Muslim women were walking with their children in Brooklyn when a woman attacked them, telling them to “Get the fuck out of America, bitches” and trying to pull off their hijabs.



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