Police are killing gay men in this country and it is not Jamaica.

Homosexuals in Heaven
Homosexuals in Heaven

If you listen to eh gay community, you would think Jamaica is the most homophobic place on earth. There will make you think that reggae is most homophobic genre of music and the entire culture is eve more homophobic that say, the church.

Anyone that has been to Jamaica know that the gay community is telling a big lie and only using Jamaica and reggae as easy targets to publicize their cause.

Now if reports in multiple major media outlets are true, the gay community will have a real war to fight and real reasons to call for protests.

The Guardian, Huffington Post and other leading outlets are reporting that gay men are being rounded up and murder in Chechnya. This is not some artist exercising their free speech, this is not “murder music”, this is real murder if these reports are true.

Authorities in the Russian republic of Chechnya have launched an anti-gay campaign that has led to authorities rounding up dozens of men suspected of being homosexual, according to the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and human rights activists.

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The newspaper’s report, by an author regarded as a leading authority on Chechnya, claimed that more than 100 people had been detained and three men killed in the roundup. It claimed that among those detained were well-known local television personalities and religious figures.

This is sad, if true, whether you are for homosexuals or not, no human beings should be killed for their sexuality. You would think all the various LBGT communities that constantly fight reggae music and reggae culture would be rallying the United States Government to do something about it but they have been so quiet you could hear a pin drop. But let a reggae artist even say something that sounds like “Boom bye bye” and that artist will be sure to have their shows boycotted from New York City to Brixton, unless of course it is one of the Marleys with lyrics like “Funny man get drop like bad habit.” The double standards and hypocrisy is ridiculous but most pretend not to notice.

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Alvi Karimov, spokesperson for Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, described the report as “absolute lies and disinformation”, basing his denial on the claim that there were no gay people in Chechnya. “You cannot detain and persecute people who simply do not exist in the republic,” he told Interfax news agency.

“If there were such people in Chechnya, the law-enforcement organs wouldn’t need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no returning.”

A spokesman for the region’s interior ministry told the Russian newspaper RBC that the report was “an April fool’s joke”.



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