President Obama disrespected by Benjamin Satanyahu and other bigots.

Benjamin Satanyahu
Benjamin Satanyahu

The New York Times reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Satanyahu, who gave a speech undermining President Obama’s negotiations with Iran in front of Congress this past spring is gearing up “to lobby Congress to reject the Iran nuclear deal and ultimately override any presidential veto.

Netanyahu’s speech in front of Congress, without first notifying the White House, was a breach of diplomatic protocol and an insult to President Obama. Now, Netanyahu is trying to exploit partisan politics to undermine and disrespect president Obama once again.

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As Satanyahu lobbies Congress, the cries of war hawks will only grow louder, especially among the repugnant republican bigots. Jeb Bush calls diplomatic efforts with Iran “appeasement. Scott Walker predicted it would be “one of America’s worst diplomatic failures. Lindsey Graham called it a “nightmare. Donald Trump said “we look so desperate, and it’s a disgrace.”

The fact is that none of these people; Satanyahu, Bush, Trump, or the 47 Repugnant Republican senators who had previously tried to sabotage diplomacy by signing a letter to the government of Iran aiming to derail the Obama administration’s talks—represent the view of the overwhelming number of Americans who support a diplomatic resolution to the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

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This is a historic moment. To make sure President Obama’s deal survives, good Americans need to push back against the war hawks and fear mongers, foreign and domestic, who are trying to put us on a path to war.



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