President Obama pardons Chelsea Manning but not Buju Banton.

Buju Banton and Chelsea Manning
Buju Banton and Chelsea Manning

Reggae fans begged, pleaded and petitioned president Obama to pardon Buju Banton, a reggae artist serving time in prison for a non-violent drug crime. The homosexual community petitioned president Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning, a gay transvestite ex-solider convicted of stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of documents and videos to WikiLeaks.

President Obama overruled his secretary of defense to commute the sentence of the former Army soldier. This spells doom for Buju Banton. There is no chance that president Obama will pardon Buju Banton.

The fact that Obama would overrule his own secretary of defense shows how long the gay lobby is, and if there is one thing the gay community hates it is the reggae community, especially Buju Banton.

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Buju Banton recorded a song called “Boom bye bye” as a teenager which promoted metaphorical violence against homosexuals, they gay community took the lyrics lyrically and since then they have been hell bent on destroying reggae music, reggae artists and the entire reggae music community.

So reggae fans can rest assured that the gay lobby that pressed Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning is also pressing him not to pardon Buju Banton.

A former intelligence official described being “shocked” to learn of Obama’s decision, adding that the “entire intelligence community is deflated by this inexplicable use of executive power.” The official said the move was “deeply hypocritical given Obama’s denunciation of WikiLeaks’ role in the hacking of the (Democratic National Committee).”

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The President also pardoned James Cartwright, the former vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, who pleaded guilty in October to a single charge of making false statements to federal investigators in 2012 when he was questioned about leaking top secret information on US efforts to cripple Iran’s nuclear program to two journalists.

A presidential commutation reduces the sentence being served but it does not change the fact of conviction, whereas a pardon forgives a certain criminal offense.

If President Obama does not pardon Buju Banton in the next two days, the reggae star will remain in prison until November, 2018.



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