President Obama should feel privileged to be in Jamaica.

Beautiful Jamaica
Beautiful Jamaica

While president Obama is in Jamaica on business, mainly to counteract Chinese and Venezuelan influence in the region, he should feel privileged to be in such a beautiful country with such rich heritage, culture and history.
Many might think it is Jamaica who should feel honored to have the president of the United States on her shores; it is actually the other way around.

President Obama should understand that it is the strong shoulders of the great Jamaican, Marcus Garvey why he is able to be president of the United States. While on the subject of Marcus Garvey, he should not leave Jamaica without guaranteeing to the people of Jamaica, that the criminal records of the honorable Marcus Garvey in the United States will be expunged.

Obama who is of Kenyan heritage (some believe he was even born in Kenya), should know of the close tie between the Kenyan Mau-Mau Gideon Warriors and the Jamaican Rastafarians. Obama should take a trip up to Bobo Hill and see how true Rastafarians live ten miles away from the city.

Obama visited the Bob Marley museum where he was treated with some great reggae music. Hopefully he will visit some of the Maroon Towns throughout Jamaica; whether in Portland, St. Elizabeth or St. James. Portia Simpson should give Obama a history lesson on Nanny of the Maroons, Cudjoe and Dutty Boukman.

One can only hope that when the president stepped off Air Force One unto Jamaica soil, he took off his shoes, because the ground on which he stepped his holy ground.



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