President Obama to visit Jamaica now that Marijuana is decriminalized in the country.

President Obama
President Obama to visit Jamaica

Credible news reaching 18 Karat Reggae is that President Obama will be visiting Jamaica on April 8th. The president of the United States will be attending a meeting in Kingston, after which he will leave for Panama to attend the Summit of the Americas that will be held over April 10 – 11.

While the specifics of his meeting in Jamaica has not been divulged, that did not stop Jamaicans from voicing their own opinions on why the president is visiting. Some Jamaicans in the street are saying it probably has to do with the decriminalization of marijuana and the impact it will have on American Tourists visiting the island. With Jamaica no longer arresting people for two ounces or less of marijuana, the country still has to make sure no one tries to leave with less than two ounces has the country still has international drug treaties to honor.

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Colorado has proven that marijuana legalization can have significant positive impact on Government revenue. With Jamaica on the brink of legalization, the United States definitely has heightened interest as it could play a major role on their so-called “war on drugs”.

Others are also joking that though marijuana is legal in Washington, D.C. president Obama maybe having a hard time finding the good stuff. Therefore he wants to visit Jamaica for some of the real Westmoreland high grade of the Bob Marley’s favorite, sensimilla.



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