Shooting at Pennsylvania mall: The United States needs less guns.

The mourning is still ongoing, the healing process hasn’t even begun yet for the high school and University shootings yesterday. Just today there was a home shooting in an Atlanta suburb where seven was shot and five fatally. Now tonight there has been another shooting at the Monroeville mall in western Pennsylvania.

When will the madness stop? Will it ever stop? I can already tell that Tomorrow morning all the networks will be filled with anti-guns activists and NRA nut jobs debating the more guns or less guns issue. I can hear the gun advocates saying that if only everyone owned a gun, things like this would never happen. While on the anti gun side, the argument will be, if there were tighter gun laws in place, these shootings would have prevented.

The problem I have with the pro gun crowd is this; should all parents now encourage their children to bring a gun to School just in case someone snaps and decides to go on a rampage? Won’t that logic lead to a gun toting nation of people? Imagine the day when a gun in college is just as commonplace as a pen or a textbook? That is some scary stuff. What kind of effect will this have on little children especially little boys? Young boys fighting in School is normal, even if we wish that was not the case. But for the most part, they fight with their hands and feet. A boy beats up a boy, but they live to talk about it tomorrow and grow up to be each others best man at their respective weddings. But what will happen if children start to believe that punching and kicking are going extinct like CDs and CD players? If that happens then what we have seen so far is just the smoke before the fire.

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Do we now need to make sure we carry our guns when we go to the mall to by a pair of sneakers? We are starting down a slippery slope where pretty soon, everyone in the church will be packing. You better don’t cheat on you tithe and offering and piss the preacher off.

I just can’t buy the argument that if we want less shootings the solutions is more guns. Can you imagine if every time a college student got drunk and had a minor disagreement with another student, they were both strapped with a gun?



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