U.S. Marijuana Reform Is Hurting Mexican Drug Cartels.


There are several reasons why U.S. citizens have been voting for marijuana reform. Increased tax revenue, medical benefits and the introduction of new jobs have all played a role in the spreading support for legal marijuana.

However, some argue that the most important impact of marijuana reform has been a reduction in cross-border drug smuggling by Mexico's drug cartels.

With weed legal in several states, the options for pot smokers are quickly growing.

Most dispensaries offer different strains and label their products to display potency. The quality of the product far outweighs most of what comes across the border from Mexico, making it preferable to American consumers.

Because Americans are becoming increasingly less interested in illegal marijuana, less cash is making its way into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Drug lords have less money to illegally purchase weapons and bribe police, which in turn has seen the number of homicides in Mexico fall dramatically from around 23,000 in 2011 to 15,649 in 2014.



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