United States is now the number one Marijuana smoking country in the world.

Marijuana taking over alcohol
Marijuana taking over alcohol

When it comes to marijuana, things are changing and they are changing rapidly. It was only in 2013 when the United States ranked second behind Iceland as the country with the most marijuana smokers.

Three years later and the United States have surpassed Iceland to take over the number one spot on the list of country with the most marijuana smokers in the world.

As more and more states legalize marijuana medically, recreationally or both; more Americans are burning the ganja. This has put a damper on alcohol sales and opioids usage. As a result the United States can expect to see a sharp decrease in road fatalities and death as a result of prescription drugs overuse.

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23 percent of Americans have smoked marijuana according to a 2016 survey. Iceland follows in second place with 17 percent.

The Netherlands, where it is legal to possess up to 5 grams and to use in coffee shops, came in 20th with 8 percent reporting using marijuana.

Jamaica, where marijuana is also decriminalized, is one place higher in 19th with 9 percent saying they smoke marijuana.

New Zealand, Nigeria and Canada make up the rest of the top five while Australia, where 11 percent reported using marijuana in 2016, was sixth.



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