Veterans Affairs will allow Marijuana for PTSD in states where it is legal.

Marijuana for PTSD
Marijuana for PTSD

Senate approved legislation for Veterans Health Administration (VHA) doctors to discuss and authorize medical marijuana use for veterans. The legislation allows VHA doctors to discuss pot as a treatment option in at least 23 states. Treatment could help those with PTSD.

The law does not change the federal illegality of using marijuana as medicine, but it does allow VA doctors to discuss it with veterans in states where it is legal.

Organizers of a recent protest in DC said VHA should do more for those still suffering from PTSD after combat without relying on traditional pharmaceutical treatments. Those individuals dumped empty pill bottles on the sidewalk in front of the White House.

Prior to the new legislation, the VHA did not allow its physicians to discuss treatment options that would include marijuana. The old policy forced veterans seeking marijuana treatment to get help elsewhere.

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“We see this victory as a step toward a peace treaty with the government we volunteered to defend with our lives and as a step toward restoring our first amendment rights and dignity as citizens of the United States, ” said TJ Thompson, a disabled Navy veteran said in a Drug Policy Alliance press release.



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