Waco gone Wacko: Deadly brawl. Imagine if they were bloods and crips.

Waco biker gang
Waco biker gang

“In 34 years of law enforcement, this is the most violent crime scene I have ever been involved in,” Waco, Texas Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said following a biker gang shootout that left 9 dead and 18 others wounded in the parking lot of a busy shopping center Sunday. “There is blood everywhere.”

Imagine if instead of Waco, Texas; this occurred in Los Angeles. Also imagine if these were not white biker gang members but Black and Hispanic crips and bloods. The race of the gang members would be attributed to the crime from Fox to CNN. There would have been talk of how they are from broken homes, sons who grew up without fathers, babies born out of wedlock and the list would go on.

Social media would have a field day referring to them and their race as animals. They would use it as justification of why so many unarmed Black boys are being killed by racist police officers. In this case, no one is seeing these men as white gang member, just gang members. The sad thing is, they are right, they are just gang members, their race is not important.

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On the same token, when the gang member is Black or Hispanic. is race should not be important either. The Black race is not responsible for what some Blacks do, just like all white men in Waco are not responsible for what took place in Waco.

Reports of the grisly brawl, which police said escalated from the bathroom to the bar and out into the parking lot of a restaurant called Twin Peaks, sound like a scene from a movie or one of the countless scripted and reality TV shows about the elusive world of biker gangs. More than 170 people were arrested on charges of engaging in organized crime in relation to the shooting which, Swanton clarified, constituted “capital murder.”

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The truth is, had these gang members been Black they would not have even been allowed in the restaurant in the first place. Much less to be in the restaurant long enough for the situation to escalate to the point it got to.

The bottomline is goodness and evil know no racial, religious or ethnic boundaries. Every man is responsible for his own actions, no man should be held accountable for another man’s actions. Gang members caused mayhem in Waco, and that’s it, gang members. The same way the white race is being treated in the media after this incident is the same way the Black race should be treated after any such incident that involves Black perpetrators.



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