Welfare cards and Food Stamps money being used to buy Marijuana in Colorado.


Welfare recipients are purchasing marijuana with their foods stamps money and/or welfare cards in Colorado.

The public benefit cards are being used at ATM dispensaries throughout Colorado. This is not going over well with taxpayers or law makers, who believe public assistance should satisfy hunger and not the urge to get high.

Electronic Benefit Cards(EBT), cannot currently be used in liquor stores, casinos or gun shops; lawmakers plan to add marijuana dispensaries and strip clubs to the list.

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Regardless of what laws are passed, welfare recipients who want to get high will find a loophole to spend their assistance money on weed. It it even by using a bartering system, they will find a way.

Republican Sen. Vicki Marble said that if something is not done about this problem immediately, the federal Government could intervene which is the last thing Colorado needs. “We stand to lose a lot if we don’t show we are trying to prevent tax money from being used for pot. The growers here put in a lot of time and effort. A raid would be absolutely devastating to our state,” said Marble.



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