Will President Obama finally get credit for improving the economy?

The economic growth we are seeing has never happened since 1999-2000, during the early dot com boom. So will President Obama finally get some credit? He should, but he probably won’t.

In all honesty; there are still a lot of people looking for work, there are a lot who have gotten discouraged and dropped out of the labor force, and there are a lot working part time when they’d rather have full-time jobs. But even taking those things into consideration, it is difficult to deny that during his tenure, Obama has improved the economy significantly.

Regardless of how good the economy gets, Republicans will never say that Obama is doing a good job on the economy. Just as Democrats tend to do under a Republican president, if things go badly they’ll say it was his fault, but if things go well they’ll say he had nothing to do with it. That will put a ceiling on how high Obama’s economic ratings can rise.

Even with unemployment rate below 6%, Americans aren’t yet convinced that the economy is humming. If unemployment rate should fall below 5% by the spring, which is possible with the low gas prices, Obama still might fail to get the deserved credit.

The bottom line is, President Obama can feel good about the economy and pat himself on the back, but even if unemployment drops to 0%, he will not get any credit, at least not from the Republicans.



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