Woman Rape and Rob Male Taxi Driver in Ohio.

Woman allegedly rape taxi driver
Woman allegedly rape taxi driver

Normally when you hear of a rape and robbery, most people picture the perpetrator of being a male. However, in this case, it is a 23-year old woman who is being charged with the crime of raping and robbing a male taxi driver in Ohio.

Brittany Carter, 23, was charged with first-degree rape and aggravated robbery for an incident in Findlay, Ohio.

Police said Carter got into a taxi around 4:24 a.m. that was called from a local hotel. In the vehicle, Carter performed a sex act on the 29-year-old driver while holding a knife against his throat.

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Carter then stole $32 from the driver’s pocket and fled.

“We don’t know why she did it,” Findlay Lt. Robert Ring told the News-Messenger.

Well, maybe she was broke and horny, so she killed two birds with one stone.

The 23-year-old was taken into custody at Hancock County jail. She is being held on $60,000 bond.



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