America the beautiful but only for everyone.

American flag
American flag

There is no denying that America is a great country, probably the greatest on the face of the earth. She has the best and most sophisticated military. In a world where monetary profits trump humanity, the biggest guns are always at an advantage.

Not only does America have the world’s most sophisticated weapons she has proven time and again that she is not afraid to use it, especially if you are unable to put up a challenge. From dropping atomic bombs in Hiroshima, to invading small islands like Grenada or Panama, or shedding blood for oil in Iraq; America has never shied away from imposing her will on countries that are militarily inferior to her.

On the other hand, America is a land of opportunity. It is a country where you can be born with nothing, but if you have the drive and the will you can make something of yourself. For example, look at the 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson who was born into severe poverty yet worked his way into becoming one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. Or look at a person like Jay Z who brags in his songs about making money by selling poison to his own people, yet he was able to take that illegal money, flip it into legal money and basically created an empire. These are the possibilities when living in America.

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The biggest dreams can become reality in America. The biggest thinkers can turn their thoughts into financial success in America. The catch is, however, you have to be in America. If you are in a country that does not possess a certain level of Military might, the United States will make your life a living hell. Look at a country like Jamaica where prime minister Michael Manley and his leadership team had their own economic ideas of where to take Jamaica. The United States did not agree with these ideas and as a result the CIA came into the island and totally ruin a small thriving country. Since the CIA destabilization of Jamaica, the country has yet to recover some 30 years later. Today the average Jamaican dream of rising out of poverty is to obtain a visa / green card for the United States.

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So the bottom line is, the United States is the greatest country on earth, the country where dreams are realized, but only if you are living there.



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