Are Blacks in America better off than Blacks in Africa?

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Blacks in America
Blacks in America

“Horrible as slavery was, Blacks in America are better off than Blacks in Africa.” – Bill O’reilly

I am not surprised at a statement like that when it is coming from a bigot like Bill O’reilly or any other of the human waste from Fox News aka as FoKKKs news.

I think it takes a lot of audacity for O’reilly to talk like Blacks should feel privileged to be trapped in the West, as if those that were stolen from their homeland were done a favor. The sad thing is, when these idiotic comments are made, the idiots making the comments always fail to mention how many of Africa’s problems are because of the West even today. How quickly we forget about imperialism and apartheid in South Africa. Britain, Spain, France, America and Belgium have raped and pillaged and continue to rob Africa of her natural resources.

Rather than getting angry at these kinds of comments from intellectual dwarfs, Blacks should take it as a sign of how important international repatriation is, and start moving in such direction. “Africa unite because your children want to come home”. A few years ago another columnist wrote a column ridiculing Blacks for being oppressed for so long. When will Black as whole let it be known, that we refuse to be the subject of anyone’s ridicule or injustice?

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I think one of our problems is; we are way too humanitarian and always trying to be the good guy, except when dealing with each other. Look at South Africa after the rule of apartheid ended; Mandela became president and his priority was to heal past wounds and try to reach a common ground between the oppressors and the oppressed. The fact is someone should have been punished for apartheid and Blacks should have been given back what is theirs. “Negotiating for what truly belongs to you, could never be a noble thing to do”. When president Mugabe of Zimbabwe decided to cease the land from the Whites farmers and give it back to the rightful owners, he was condemned by not only the West but even by other African nations. Africa you must learn to love Africa and Africans, at least as much as you love those who only have hate, malice and grudge for you.

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While people like O’reilly are quick to degrade Africa, they fail to mention how great countries like Ghana and Togo are to live in. Ghana and Togo are beautiful places, not the “pestilential, violent horrible mess” the media shows on television. Even though both Countries have poor areas like anywhere else in the world, you will not see any homeless or trailer parks if you visit.

Africa has more than enough natural resources to rise out of poverty. The solution is to prevent the West from stealing these resources.



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  1. The question of whether black people in America today are better off than they would be in Africa is mighty controversial. It’s such an emotional issue that it seems inappropriate to just say, “Yes.” But it’s hard to point to a sub Saharan country where any but the wealthiest minority have a decent quality of life by objective measures like income, access to nutritious food, clean water, education and health care, stability, basic legal rights, freedom from child labor, infant and child mortality, and life expectancy. Check out this look at Ghana: Ghana has the highest life expectancy of any sub Saharan African country, but it is ten years less than for black people in the U.S. Togo is one of the world’s poorest countries with over 80% living on less than $2/day. One in eight children there do not live to age five. Whether colonialism was net good or bad for Africa is insanely complicated. The European countries took advantage but also stopped tribal warfare, unified formerly linguistically distant tribes, and set up national governments. The Portuguese did great harm when they abandoned their former colonies with no help with transition. Former British colonies, on the other hand, benefit from the business and trade advantages of being part of the Commonwealth. I won’t go so far as to say colonialism or slavery in the U.S. were good things, but it’s hard to see how black people in the U.S. would have near the quality of life in Africa that they do here.

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