Black Lives Matter.

People need to stop with this equality bullshit. Black men are being killed more than anyone else even outside of the black on black crime.

In the 90s and even now, white women constantly accused black men for rape. Which is why Spike Lee made that a scene in his movie Jungle Fever. Black men were constantly being beaten for being with a white woman and there was a scene about that in the movie Higher Learning.

Black men are in fact getting killed back to back due to the color of their skin. If you get mad at Black Lives Matter then you’re very delusional. The compulsive liars that try to shut us up about the stats of how many black men get killed daily need to hush. Yes Black people in general die due to gang violence and Black on
Black crime but that is no excuse for innocent Black men to be gunned down by those who are sworn to protect and serve.

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Black men get shot for walking in a neighborhood while black and just trying to get a snack . Black men got hung just for flirting or having some type of friendship with white women. Get shot for wearing a hoodie and instantly being labeled as gangstas. Good black men have been killed and yet we lose another good man from our children due to cops. People over using their power and wearing their badges so they get away with it. So people really need to stop with “this all lives matter” crap because no other race is being murdered like Blacks.

Yes, black lives matter. Some black men are currently in jail for something they didn’t do. Black men are in jail simply because a white woman or their family decided they wanted to blame them for rape.

Sandra Bland was killed by cops while on the pavement. Yet they’re trying to say it’s a suicide case. Giving her history a good excuse to kill her. No one has a license to kill. No reason is a good reason. So we lose another person who stood up for us blacks.

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LaVena Johnson, a black teenage girl was killed & raped in the military by her own peers . This was also considered suicide. I highly doubt it!

Trayvon Martin was killed in a gated community while trying to get some snacks for him and his little brother.

It is only right to mention Emett who’s birthday is near. Emett was lynched at the age of 14 because he was flirting with a white woman. That was a good reason too huh? He died way too soon and not knowing what he could’ve accomplished.

Maybe people would fell better if it says “Black Lives Matter Too”, too bad for them it does not, it is “BLACK LIVES MATTER“.



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