Blacks don’t own much in Black communities.

Black America
Black America

After the Baltimore protests there were a lot of talks of how Blacks were burning and looting their own stores. What many might not realize is that hardly any businesses within Black communities are Black owned. While there are many wealthy Black people in America, a very few ever set up any kind of business in the Black communities.

Bill Cosby has been a big donator to Historically Black Colleges (HBC). In fact, he once gave $20 million to Spellman University. While this kind of charity giving by Mr. Cosby deserves great praises, blogger Yaa Nia, believes the money would be better spent opening Black businesses. The following was contributed by Yaa Nia and does not necessarily reflect the views of 18 Karat Reggae.

And all y’all dope-dealers…
Your as bad as the police cause you kill us
You got rich when you started slangin’ dope
But you ain’t built us a supermarket
So you can spend our money with the Blacks

Too busy buying gold and cadillacs – Ice Cube

My people, I know we don’t have shit, but that doesn’t mean that we can NEVER have shit. It just means we don’t have shit right now. This is going to SOUND like some pull yourself up by the bootstraps bullshit, but there IS a grain of truth to it. I don’t think it’s so noble to give 20 million dollars to a college of black people, when there are quite a few people just down the road from Spellman that could use that money for more important things like food. Not saying it’s not important to keep our schools open and everything, but lets just try to keep our priorities straight.

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Why didn’t he use that 20 million to ESTABLISH much needed black businesses? As a young black person in this country, I make a lot of money. Yeah that’s a good thing, but I end up having to keep my money in a white bank. When I travel for business, I have to stay at a white hotel. Why didn’t he use that 20 million dollars to buy up the land in Black Brooklyn so black people could pay him instead of some white man or Jew. Not saying anything against Jews, but ya’ll ain’t black.

I want black people to get they mind right. Stop putting food in white people’s mouth and you can barely feed yourself let alone your family. We need criticism. And we need it to come from us. If we can’t admit that we have improvements to make then we’ll never conquer our demons (take that how you wanna). As a historian, here is my outlook of what will happen to black people within 2 or 300 years if we don’t make drastic behavior changes. If you think we are still slaves now, I advise you to rethink that notion. I’m not saying we aren’t mental slaves, however, I truly believe that slavery is a distinctive reality in our future if we don’t change.

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If there is something going on in your community that you don’t like, fuckin fight it. Stop fucking standing around talking about it…oh that’s so bad, oh that ain’t right, but what can I do? YOU CAN FUCKIN CHANGE IT. IT’S YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, TAKE THE SHIT BACK. You don’t have to own shit to control your own damn neighborhood. Are the controllers going to fight you every single step of the way? OF course they are. This is war. All’s fair in war. We’re losing this war. We are on the defensive and we don’t even have our shit together. That’s a REALLY BAD disadvantage.

We have a strong history, but are currently weak-minded. Stop being lazy and start doing something in your community that will benefit the kids or the kids that come after you. Stop worrying about what YOU are going to get out of it. You will get the satisfaction of knowing that you put your all into something that could potentially benefit black people worldwide for generations to come. A little effort can go a long way. For more information read The Art of War, Radio Free Dixie, Notes of a Native Son, King Leopold’s Ghost, Savage Inequalities by Kozol and Civilization or Barbarism by Diop. Elevate your mind and Struggle UP.



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