Blacks joining the KKK is “acting white”, Blacks being intelligent is not.

Black College Graduates
Black College Graduates

In Jamaica when children pass their Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), they are treated like Kings and Queens in their communities. Don’t be fooled by some dancehall lyrics that might lead you to thin the rude boys get more respect than intelligent boys and girls in Jamaica. Rude boys do get a lot of respect, but bright boys and bright girls get way more respect and honor. It is cool to be highly intelligent in Jamaica. So I find it hard to believe that Black children in America are sometimes ridiculed for being too intelligent. Recently there was an article about Black Children being jeered and told they are “acting white” because they get high grades in Schools?

WTF? Do Whites own a copyright on intelligence? Do whites have a patent on smartness? Are there places in America where people still don’t know that the days of killing the intelligent Blacks and breeding the big and strong ones are long gone? A black child should not have to apologize to anyone for being highly intelligent. Isn’t it full time Blacks break all these mental chains? Blacks are allowing allowing Satan to look stronger than he really his.

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Whenever I watch Football, I always see these United Way commercials where athletes visit schools and talk to students and I think that is very cool. I wonder though if Schools with predominantly Black students are informing these students of the great strides Blacks are making in the corporate world. I doubt they are, God forbid they should give these students a little ray of hope. If these students knew that the CEOs of companies such as Boeing, Time Warner, Merrill Lynch, American Express, Kmart, Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster and Olive Garden chain) etc. etc. are all Blacks, would they refer to their fellow intelligent students as acting white?

Black people have to stop being like a beautiful woman with low self esteem. That is what we are being if we accuse each other of “acting white” when we show our intelligence. Maybe that is why Black people are so easy to fuck over, because of low self esteem. If only Black people were aware of their glorious past that began long before slavery and European aggression. Blacks are bright and intelligent people but they allow themselves to be caught up in Babylon’s world. Reclaim yourself and embrace your intelligence Black people.

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Being intelligent is not acting white. A black man or woman joining the KKK, now that is acting white. Blacks accusing each other of acting White or not acting Black enough is sick and disgraceful.

After our civilization had reached the noonday of progress they were still living in holes with bats, rats and other insects and animals. After we had already unfathomed the mystery of the stars and reduced the heavenly constellations to minute and regular calculus they were still backwoodsmen, living in ignorance and in blatant darkness. The world is indebted to us for the benefits of civilization. They stole our arts and sciences from Africa. Then why should we be ashamed of ourselves? Their modern improvements are but duplicates of a grander civilization that we reflected thousands of years ago, without the advantage of what is buried and still hidden, to be reflected and resurrected by our generation and our posterity.

– Marcus Garvey



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