Can A Woman Rape A Man? The DMX claim.

Can a woman rape a man
Can a woman rape a man

Can a woman rape a man is a question that has been asked many times but has yet to get a definitive answer. The people who say a woman can rape a man argue that there are many women who are strong enough to overpower a man and rape him. There are also other ways to rape a person such as drugging them, as is the claim by the Bill Cosby abusers.

Others have argued that a woman cannot rape a man; because, a man has to be aroused for intercourse to take place, so if a man does not want sex with a woman, then he will not be aroused by her. Both those who say it is possible for a woman to rape a man and those who say it is not have valid point.

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The DMX claim is a whole other story however. A few years ago, DMX was being interviewed by “Sister to Sister” magazine when he was asked about a woman he impregnated outside of his marriage. With his wife right by his side during the interview, the rapper claimed that he fell asleep and was raped by the woman and that’s how she got pregnant. Not only that, DMX claimed that he remained asleep during the entire ordeal and did not even know that it happened.

It is hard to believe that a man could stay asleep while being raped to the point where he can get a woman pregnant. If the woman got pregnant then that means the man must have ejaculated.

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While many did not buy DMX’s story, his wife seemed to have bought it based on her reactions during the interview.

It is possible for a woman to rape a man, whether by drugging him or simply overpowering him. However, for a woman to rape a man to the point where she gets pregnant and the man to not even know he got raped—that seems a little far-fetch. Sounds like a story a man would make up to get out of trouble with his wife.



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