Donald Trump just keeps winning.

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Donald Trump and Patrick Crusius
Donald Trump and Patrick Crusius

The United States economy is booming, The Dow Jones is at an all-time high, unemployment rate is at its lowest in decades, white nationalism is at its highest since Jim Crow, Black and Brown people are not safe anywhere in the country; Donald Trump can do no wrong, even if he was in the middle of Times Square.

While there were doubters that Trump would deliver on his grandeur plan to “make America great again” by taking her back to the days of lynching and divisions across racial and religious lines, he has proven them wrong by achieving his plan and doing so in just over two years.

While the great economy can be attributed to the policies put in place by Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, there is no one who can dare take Trump’s credit for the great work he has done in other areas. The rapid growth of white nationalism, the skyrocketing of hate crimes, the dehumanizing of Brown and Black people can only be attributed to Trump and his masterful execution of a masterful plan. From referring to Hispanics as rapists and murderers, calling African and Caribbean countries “shithole” countries, attempt to ban all Muslim travels to the United States; Trump played his cards perfectly to motivate his followers into action and now he is reaping the rewards of his genius.

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This weekend might have been Trump’s most successful weekend yet since his presidency, even more than the victorious weekend in Charlottesville when “very fine” members of the KKK and Neo Nazi organizations show the meaning of white power. He, his family and his cabinet are toasting in the white house so hard when the glasses touch they shatter with sounds as loud as bullets leaving the barrel of assault rifles and champagne spills on the floor all in celebration of the innocent blood that was spilled in El Paso, Texas on Saturday.

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The shooting that killed 20 people at a crowded El Paso shopping area will be handled as a domestic terrorism case but to Trump that is just another rung on the MAGA ladder. He fully understands that in order to keep winning he needs a certain number of hateful warriors to carry out his hateful plan. His latest warrior of hate is 21-year-old Patrick Crusius and Trump is already on Twitter inciting the next.

All Donald Trump does is win win win, no matter what.



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