Donald Trump Supporters Angry Christian Terrorist is Called Terrorist.

Donald Trump supporters
Donald Trump supporters


Today I bring you an issue plaguing our society that brings tears to my weary soul. Still. On 20 March, sword-wielding racist, James Jackson, 28, of Baltimore, Maryland hopped on a Bolt Bus to New York City and [allegedly] stabbed to death homeless and Black Timothy Caughman, Peace Be Upon Him. Mr. Caughman was reportedly a charismatic old soul and well known through the neighborhood. Moments before the attack that cut his life from him, he rifled through the city’s garbage in search of recyclables.

After turning himself in (Alhamdullilah, because we all know how much effort NYPD would have put into that search… ), Jackson, a retarded AF fake Nazi, confessed his hate crime was motivated by his anger and disgust at seeing Black men wrongfully engaging in romantic relationships with White women.

“Man, don’t you worry ’bout a thing
‘Bout your daughter, nope she’s not my type
But suppose’ she said she loved me
Are you afraid of the mix of Black and White?
We’re livin’ in a land where the law say
Mixing of race makes the blood impure
She’s a woman I’m a man
Look on your face, I see ya can’t stand it”


On Monday, Jackson was officially charged by New York’s District Attorney with state terrorism charges which prosecutors have decried to be an assault on personal and racial freedom. Donald Trump supporters are in Level 10 disagreement with these charges and are terribly busy on the internet banging
up their keyboards outraged that a Christian White guy who heinously LYNCHED a Black man – is legally yet correctly labeled a terrorist, because he’s an Aryan not a scary Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar,” before driving a sword into the flesh of an infidel.

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Unfortunately for them, Brothers and Sisters, the U.S. Federal Government, in the Civil Rights Act of 1871,defined lynching as: “a form of punishment for presumed criminal offenses, performed by self-appointed commissions, mobs, or vigilantes without due process of law…”

So, technically—James Jackson is a terrorist. If you are over the age of 35, you know very well that while this Act has been in place with the feds since 1871 allegedly to protect us from the murderous wrath of the Ku Klux Klan—Jim Crow was after the year of their Lord White Jesus 1871 and did not stop The Klan.

Therefore, the Act is about as valuable as Donald Trump’s IQ. Because lynching in the good ole U.S. of A IS a pastime that was enjoyed by the ancestors of people that voted for him. White Terrorists are in extreme denial at the moment and are experiencing a revolution like nothing we have seen before. They have been born again and are hailing trump their new White Jesus. He’s going to save them from the Big Bad Black Man with the gargantuan erection and the Bomb-in-a-Bag Toting Muslim.

They are now boldly crawling out from under the lowest crevices of America to wreak bigot havoc. Their biggest weapons: Delusions and Depravity with fear as their fuel. Whenever I watch a segment on FOX or read the comments under a Breitbart or JewsNews posting on Social Media, I am consistently appalled at how Donald Trump and his supporters just do not have the physical or emotional ability to face reality or accept sound facts shoved right up in their cracker holes.

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They gain strength with each lie and TRUTH is their kryptonite! Throw Constitution facts or even a video of a Black man being choked to death by a cop to a trump Supporter and watch how they flare up like an alley cat in heat that’s been hit with ice water.

They scream, “FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!” This is why today in 2017 the toxic, narcissist, racist man-child trump is POTUS and proudly stands in awe of the U.S.’ very small minded people, like Gulliver in Lilliput. They’re not about to have mercy on Brother Caughman, peace be upon him. They are mourning the loss of their beloved demon – the White Terrorist Jackson.

They are SICK. Recently, veteran and highly respected news journalist, Ted Koppel recently told FOX News’ Village Idiot, Sean Hannity, in a televised interview: “… you have attracted people who have determined ideology is more important than facts.”

Well, what do you expect from a people that have been raised on nothing but fairy tales their entire existence? They go from Santa Claus to Easter Bunny to Tooth Fairy to Mother Goose and Grimms’ Fairy Tales to the Bible. The Bible itself has been revised so many times, that it actually includes bits from Greek and Roman Mythology Stories. When will it get right?

Stay strong Brothers and Sisters. Be diligent in these streets.

Asalaam alaikum.




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