Every man has a fat girl on the side.

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Fat girls rock
Fat girls rock

There is something that a lot of women don’t know but it is no secret to men all over the world and that is; every man has a fat girl on the side if he is not already married or in a serious relationship with one. So ladies, if you are slim or average size, rest assured that your man is cheating on you with a fat girl.

There is just something about fat women that all men secretly find attractive even if they will not publicly admit it. Most people believe that Bill Clinton cheated with Monica Lewinsky because she was younger than Hillary but that could not be farther from the truth. He cheated with her because she was about 70 pounds heavier than Hillary.

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There is just something about fat women which men admire. Apart from their physical fluffiness which can be very comfortable on a cold winter night, studies have also shown that fat women have warmer personalities than slim and regular size women. Because of the excess fluff, fat women vagina tends to be warmer also which can oftentimes translate to heaven on earth while in the sack.

Fat women are also less argumentative and demanding than their slimmer counterparts. She often has her own place and from time to time may require a little help in making up her mortgage or rent but she is never a burden. Once a year she also requires a weekend getaway maybe to Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Hollywood or New York City; she never overdoes it, however.

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When a man is at his secret fat girl’s house, it feels like happy hour on a Friday after a long stressful week at work. There is also plenty of food to eat, alcohol to drink and if the man smokes marijuana, there will be a few dime bags hanging around.

Most men will never introduce his fat side chick to his friends but every man knows that all his friends have these hidden treasures.

So slim and regular size ladies, if you don’t know where your husband is right now, he is hanging out with his fat side chick and having a grand time.



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