Happiness at work.

Affirmative Action in the workplace
Affirmative Action

There was a study done a few years ago that found that the happiest workers are not necessarily those that make the most money and have the best benefits. Workers happiness had more to do with the environment they work in and how much they could be themselves. This means that if you were working somewhere where your coworkers were more like friends and families, you could be a lot happier than someone working in a place where their interactions always have to be professional, even though the workers who always have to be professional may earn a lot more money.

This study goes to reinforce the well known fact that happiness is not about money. In fact, right now you could be happier than a CEO who is living in a $5 million mansion in a state of the art gated community.

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So how much can you be yourself when you are at work? Can you interact with your coworkers the same way you do with your friends? Can you walk down the corridors at your job with your guards down the way you would walk while hanging out with friends?

Now don’t go giving up on your dreams to becoming a rocket scientist or earning a corner office in a Fortune 100 company. Achieving one’s dreams brings great happiness, joy and a sense of fulfillment. But when thinking about a career, before thinking about the money aspect you should probably think about what makes you happy first. If you are an outdoor person you probably don’t want to be trapped in an office 70 hours a week. Likewise, if you enjoy dressing up in a jacket and tie, you probably don’t want a career out in the sun picking oranges. Just be you and be happy all the time. Do what you love and naturally you will love what you do.



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