How to transport Marijuana and not get caught.

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Weed girls
Weed girls

Last week we posted on how to smoke marijuana and not test positive for the substance on a drug test. Unless you only get high on your own homegrown or you live in a state or country where it is either legal or decriminalize, marijuana has to go through a lot of traveling in order to get to you.

So to all the weed hustlers out there who play a part in transporting the herb from the farm to the consumer, here are some tips to make your job less risky. While these methods don’t guarantee that you will never ever get caught, they do reduce your chances of getting caught, in some cases by more than 60 percent.

If you are a Black weed hustler you have two options for increasing your chance of not being caught, getting your marijuana taken away and you being put behind bars. The first option is to retain the service of a Hispanic weed hustler. This will guarantee you a 33% less chance of being caught by the law enforcement authorities. If 33% is not enough for you and you want even less chance of being caught, you can retain a white weed hustler. With a white weed hustler, the chances of you getting caught decrease by a whopping 66%.

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Now if you are a Hispanic weed hustler, you are less likely to be caught than your Black counterpart but you are at a significant higher risk than the white weed hustler, so you may also want to consider retaining the service of a white weed hustler.

Now to the Jamaicans who want to carry that great Westmoreland High Grade Marijuana to the States; here is what you need to do. Don’t be greedy; share your profit in order to reduce your exposure to risks. How do you reduce your risks? Recruit white college students while they are on spring break in the Island and have them bring up the high grade marijuana for a fair share of the profit. Yes, this takes a bite out of the profit but it takes an even bigger bite out of your risk exposure. Peace of mind is priceless.

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Follow my advice and your career as a weed hustler will be very successful, the United States Department of Justice is my witness(See Facts Below):

Police are more likely to search black and Hispanic drivers than white drivers, according to a Justice Department study released Sunday. Black drivers are three times as likely and Hispanic drivers are twice as likely to be searched as white drivers. Police stopped 18 million drivers in 2013 and found evidence of a crime in about 12% of the searches, according to the report by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics.



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