Interracial Relationships will surpass all other relationships by 2044, According to new study.

Interracial Relationships
Interracial Relationships

Depending on whom you ask; interracial relationships can still be a controversial and touchy subject even in 2017.  According to a new study however, people, in relationships with someone of another ethnicity is on a steep incline and shows no sign of declining anytime soon.

Even with a bigoted president like Donald Trump and his bigoted gang of Nazi and KKK supporters pushing division among the people, a new study has shown that by 2044, interracial relationships will surpass all other relationships.

The study reveals that one in ten people in the U.S. have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity. This means 11 million people are in interracial relationships.

The study focused on newlyweds, people married within the past 10 years and young people who plan to get married in the future.  The founding shows a dramatic increase in over 50 years. In 1967, just three percent of newlywed couples were of different races or ethnicities. In 2017 that number raised to 19 percent. If this trend continues, by 2044, interracial relationships will surpass all other relationships.

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Despite the national increase, states that went for Donald Trump show a different story. In South and North Carolina only nine percent of couples are interracial. Only eight percent of couples are interracial Louisiana, five percent in Texas and three percent in Alabama. In contrast, the numbers are 42 percent in Honolulu, Hawaii, 29 percent California and 28 percent in New York.

18 Karat Reggae interviewed different interracial couples and learned about their various stories. Wendy Linney, who’s White, met her husband, who’s Black, at work. She said they had a spiritual connection and his race never mattered. “It was a matter of the heart,” Linney said. “It was not a matter of really looking for anything else.”

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When Linney married her husband, her father didn’t approve until they had triplets. Once the children arrived, the family came closer together. “We try to just teach our kids to look much further than the color of the skin and find somebody that’s compatible with them,” Linney said. “That’s what it’s really all about. The heart has no color.”

Donald Trump supporters might feel differently considering the low interracial numbers among them.  Either way, love is love and we can’t afford to “Make America Hate Again”.

Racism is getting knocked out like the video below:




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