Jamaican men are not backwards; Jamaican women are just more advanced than others.

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Jamaican men don't wash panties
Jamaican men don't wash panties

This week on the 18 Karat Reggae page, there was a big discussion on whether or not it was alright for a man to wash his wife or girlfriend’s panties. A man washing his woman’s panties is a practice that is frowned upon in Jamaica, especially those who live the dancehall lifestyle.

Not only is panty washing by men frowned upon, it also cast men who perform those duties as somewhat less than a man. In fact, in the song “House Cleaning” by dancehall artiste, Mavado, the singjay sings, “Gal coulda pretty like Ashanti… It’s against the law to wash panty”.

As expected, most Jamaicans said it was not alright for men to be washing panties. Even a Jamaican woman said she would not want her son washing any woman’s panties. A Jamaican man said his grandmother would hit him in the head with a rock if he should ever stoop to wash a woman’s underwear.

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Non-Jamaicans thought it was strange and rather backwards that Jamaican men would think like that in the 21st century. Some even went as far as saying that Jamaican men machoism was more backwards than anything else.

The truth is, however, Jamaican men are not backwards; it is just that Jamaican women are more advanced than other women. Jamaican men don’t wash panties because they would never get that opportunity unless the woman was sick and could not help herself.

If you are in a relationship in a Jamaican woman, chances are you will see her panties hang up in the bathroom but you will never see it in the dirty hamper waiting to be washed. The reason is, as soon as a Jamaican woman takes of her panties, she washes it, that’s just the way she was raised, she is super clean.

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If you ever see a Jamaican woman putting her dirty panty in the laundry hamper, chances are she was raised by her stepmother from another country.

So it is not that Jamaican men are backwards for not wanting to wash their woman’s panties, it is just that Jamaican women are well advanced and understand that a dirty panty should never sit around waiting to be washed.



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