Nat Turner and Buffalo Soldiers.

Nat Turner and Buffalo Soldiers
Nat Turner and Buffalo Soldiers

There is absolutely no denying that Black people are fighters. Not only are they fighters but they are great fighters. Whether or not they are fighting on the right side or fighting for the right cause is a completely different story. Heck, more than 90% of the time, they are fighting amongst themselves.

Nat Turner and the Buffalo Soldiers are probably the most famous group of Black fighters in the history of the United States. The group of Blacks that Nat Turner led could not be any more different than the Buffalo soldiers. In fact, they were polar opposites. Nat Turner and his warriors were villains to most and heroes to a few. On the other hand, the Buffalo soldiers were heroes to most and villains to a few. Nat Turner is only a hero to some Blacks. The Buffalo Soldiers were only villains to the Native Americans.

In today’s world, whites usually decide who are heroes and who are villains; whites decide who are terrorists and who are freedom fighters. Blacks who are for the most part, still mental slaves tend to go along with what whites say without ever taking the time to do their own analysis. As a result the Buffalo Soldiers are constantly celebrated but Blacks hardly talk about Nat Turner.

The truth is Nat Turner was the real hero, in fact, he was a superhero. However, Nat Turner did not fight for his white oppressor like the Buffalo soldiers did, he fought against his white oppressors. Of course, when you fight white oppression you will not be seen as a hero through white eyes. Since Black people spend most of their lives looking at themselves through white men eyes, they refuse to see the real hero that Nat Turner was. So instead, they celebrate the Buffalo soldiers whose claim to fame was murdering innocent Native Americans that did Blacks no wrong.

That is exactly how the White Man wants Black people to think, that the only time fighting is just is when you are fighting for the white man. So it was great that Micah Johnson went to Afghanistan to kill but the moment he retaliated against those who were killing unarmed Black men, he was considered an evil villain. Ironically even the member of Black Lives Matter who were waving signs that read “No Justice, No Peace” the night of the Dallas shooting, were calling Johnson a coward the day after the shooting. This leaves one to wonder if protestors are serious justice or is their real goal is to be loved by whites.



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